how to become a virtual coach workshop

Virtual Coaching: How to Build Your Business Career as a Coach

The internet and its global coverage have opened the door to a totally new paradigm in the business industry. The business’s being done in a similar way, even some things very much differ, but one thing that totally changes the whole scene of business is that there’s almost no ceiling to the potential of expansion and growth. Each one of us (about half of the planet population has access to the internet – about 4 billion) has every day access to the most amazing tool, the door to the new reality, the internet, and create something amazing like building a business out of what you know and love.

It is true that the whole “starting some online business idea” is still for many people just a big hoax scam, unreal, impossible, etc., but also for few it’s real, as real as you reading these words now. I am one of them. But there is something that we all have in common, and it is that we didn’t give up and pushed through. The whole online business thing is still very fresh and new, and it’s just warming up a little.  They don’t teach it at any school or college, not even as a subject, so you gotta learn from people that figured it out themselves through trial and error and guess what?


Now, let’s talk about the coaching industry, specifically the virtual coaching industry which means everything’s being done online from the comfort of your home or anywhere in the world.

Virtual coaches earn by an average of more than $180 per hour and usually work part-time and enjoy life. Get together the skill that you have and leverage that knowledge to your advantage. Every person on the planet is unique in some way and has knowledge about something that someone else doesn’t but wants.

Here Eben is in the virtual coaching business for almost 20 years and he is teaching his exact formula on the Virtual Coach Workshop today.

how to become a virtual coach workshop

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