German should be learned in Germany: Here are some reasons why

German can be a wonderful way to learn. Living in a country in which the majority of the population speaks the same language is a good way to get used to it. You may be fortunate to live and experience the disciplined German lifestyle. Based on my personal experience, these are some of the points you should remember.

Be unrestrained!
Your stay in Germany should be enjoyable. Visit historical sites and the beer festival. Then, go out and explore the surrounding areas. Interaction with the locals is a great way to discover the richness of their language. You may even find German words or phrases that are only german. It all depends on the purpose of your visit. You can interact with people more than just during a business visit. Germany is a country where everyone enjoys a weekend, with many Germans drinking beer and dancing in Salsa bars.

Make friends
Begin to make friends by getting involved with the people around you. The friend will help you speed up your German learning curve. Visit bars, restaurants and public spaces on weekends is a great way for you to meet people closer and become a friend or part of a group.

Be patient!
It is important to not cause hurt or wrong intent. Learning a foreign language can lead to mistakes in ethical terms. If you can learn German with an adaptable attitude, you will be accepted into the German community.

Do your homework!
Take along a set of the pocket phrase books and dictionaries. It is important that you make use of them before you venture into Germany. The following phrases and words can be used to shop, buy clothes, bargain, order food or snacks at a pub, restaurant, or bar. It is a good idea to learn German by reading short stories or comics.

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