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Tuesday Dose of social media: Even 100-year-olds are on Twitter & social media

Tuesday, June 30, 2009 13:16 - by

Centenarians show it’s never too late to tweet — If someone 100 years old can use Twitter and social media, so can anyone. Hear that journalists:

Three percent of U.S. centenarians questioned in a new survey said they use the service that allows users to send short text messages, or tweets, of up to 140 characters at least once a week to keep in touch with their friends and family.

Another 10 percent sent emails to stay connected, 12 percent shared photos on the Internet and 4 percent downloaded music from the web.

Link from Yahoo breaks traffic records at New York Times — How does a Home & Garden story about bargain homes in undesirable locations set traffic records for a news organization? When that link comes from Yahoo!

Links are valuable. This story proves it:

Behold the power of Yahoo: A link at the top of the site’s front page helped send more than 9 million page views to The New York Times in the span of two hours last week, breaking records for web traffic at the newspaper.

Now, the Times and other papers still haven’t figured out how to monetize these traffic spikes. That’s the next frontier.

Facebook to emulate Twitter’s follower model with profile fans — It appears that Facebook will be trying to emulate Twitter even more with followers, in addition to friends:

Could it be that you will soon be able to have followers, not just friends, on Facebook too? That definitely appears to be the case. Just take a look at your email notification settings for a little proof.

Notice something different? Look closely and you’ll see the new option to receive an email notification whenever another Facebook user “Connects to me as a fan.” In other words, Facebook followers, here we come.

WARNING: New Facebook scams today, junfunrun and bulitre — Here are the latest Facebook scams to be aware of. Be careful on Facebook when it comes to clicking on links! I received one of these scam links in a private message from someone I haven’t talked to in years. That was a pretty big tip off that it was in fact a scam (plus the message made no sense).

Use common sense on the Internet.

6 gorgeous Twitter visualizations — There are a lot of really cool ways to visualize Twitter and all its tweets, but my favorite might just be Just Landed:

Just Landed is a beautiful geo-visualization of tweets containing the words “Just landed in…”. It finds the tweets containing the phrase, checks for the location they’ve landed in, and the location they were sent from, and shows all this on a 3D map of the world. For more information check out the author’s blog,

Just Landed – 36 Hours from blprnt on Vimeo.

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