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Monday Dose of social media: Facebook most popular way to share links

Monday, July 20, 2009 17:10 - by

Sharing on Facebook Now More Popular than Sharing by Email — Facebook tops all other Web sites and even e-mail when it comes to sharing content via the AddToAny widget. Yes, this is just one widget, but it is one of the most popular. 24 percent of shares were via Facebook, while e-mail had 11.1 percent and 10.8 percent via Twitter.

Personally, I’m much more likely to share links via Facebook or Twitter than via e-mail, and I suspect this is increasingly becoming the case for many people. Now, we have some data to back up this point.

For content producers, this means getting content onto Facebook. People are using Facebook more and more and sharing is a big part of that.

Confirmed: Digg Just Hijacked Your Twitter Links — “Earlier today we mentioned that appears to have changed the behavior of its short URLs so they no longer go to the source of the story for logged-out users: instead they direct visitors to a landing page on Digg (Digg).com.

The change has many negative implications for publishers, including the fact that readers who think they are creating a link to your content are actually just pushing traffic to Digg.”

Content creators, there are plenty of better short url services out there like, and the original,

Love it or hate it, spymaster is invading Facebook — Spymaster is now on Facebook, but that’s not the real news here for content creators. The real news is how a viral game like Spymaster has exploded all over Twitter and now Facebook. It’s an innovative concept, and it’s one content creators should study closely.

Twitter’s 1,928 Percent Growth and Other Notable Social Media Stats –This is a great collection of stats. Here is my favorite

  • MySpace (MySpace) leads all social media sites (presumably excluding YouTube (YouTube)) in unique video viewers, with 12.9 million.

MySpace is still relevant in the entertainment sector, it’s just stagnant elsewhere. I think we’ll see MySpace drastically change within the next year or two into more of an entertainment portal and less of a traditional social network.

IE6 Must Die for the Web to Move On — Amen.

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