Penalty Recovery And Surviving Its Effects

Penalty Recovery

Most of the online businesses consider the search engine traffic, a very important thing. While when we look in today’s world acquiring high ranking in Google is not an easy job as it used to be some years ago. Hence, many marketers are trying to link the building process to the boundary. Consequently, there are a number of sites which are being penalized for going against Google’s guidelines. is explaining all you need to know about these penalties in this article:

Average Google Penalty Recovery Timeline

SEOIf recently you have discovered drop in website rankings and decline in visitor traffic, there may be fair chances that your website is under Google Penalty. Now, you need a comprehensive Google Penalty recovery plan in place. The plan will help you fix the mess that caused the penalty. All sites can be rescued, but no agency can tell the exact timeline for the recovery, as reasons for the penalty can differ.

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Recovery of the Google Penalties

Finding Backlines

First of all in order to recover Google penalty, download all the backlines which are distinguished by the Google. For this purpose any type of tool can be used but try to avoid such kind of tools that automatically identify low quality backlines.

Removal of bad links

The other important thing that has to be done is the elimination of the bad links. It is to be noted that in order to remove the bad link first create an email and request. Do not forget to follow the basic rules while doing so.
Other tools

Shane Barker at MarketingProfs is explaining penalty recovery in terms of Google Penguin:

A Google Penguin Penalty Recovery Guide

by Shane Barker | June 15, 2015

If you have a website, then you definitely know about Google Penguin, the codename for Google’s algorithm launched on April 24, 2012 by Matt Cutts and his team to fight Web spam.

And, in all probability, you have thought about hiring, or you’ve actually hired, an SEO expert to keep your site safe from Google’s spam-fighting algorithm updates.

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Fetch as Google

It is one of the best tool in order to get the required results. It helps in the detection of bad errors. Moreover it also sees the response time of your server.

Following video by Computerbasics will explain recovery tips regarding inbound links:

Google penalties can be a major setback for you but instead of looking for reasons you should take quick actions for the recovery.