Nautical Decoration Tips Every Blogger Would Love

Are you a sailing enthusiast? Do you just love watching the sea and feeling the warm ocean breeze? Would you like to transform your home into a mesmerizing beach or blue sea with everlasting peaceful waves? You have come to the right place! There is a way to express your love towards the beach, ocean and the sea – follow our tips to make sure you just don’t overdo it. If you are a famous blogger, we are certain you don’t want people finding out you have a sailboat for a coffee table. Nautical decoration is alluring and captivating, but if you let it seduce you with its calm, peaceful, and untroubled beauty, you can exaggerate and turn your home into pap. Don’t worry, when it comes to nautical décor, there are some really easy guidelines to follow that can make your home look great without making your guests jump overboard.

Choose Your Colors and Accents Wisely

Don’t experiment with nautical themed colors – keep it simple by sticking to navy, white and beige. If this isn’t enough, you can add some accents of red, but nothing more. Furniture and accessories should take the main role, while your walls and flooring only need to accentuate the architectural beauty of your home. If you want to combine colors, you can never go wrong if you stick to one color in each shade. For example, using navy blue, sea foam blue and sky blue will not look beautiful if you combine everything together. It is just too much. Nautical themes require simplicity, so the simpler, the better.

When it comes to nautical accents, there is a lot of room here for unique and creative design. However, you should also be cautious. Stick to one or three dominant accents and don’t overfill room with nautical accessories. For example, you can mount a clipper ship wheel on your wall, but don’t mount more than one. Also, if you love nautical charts and lake superior depth map nautical art pieces, get one piece of a larger format. You only need a single, large and bold statement decoration piece. All other nautically themed accessories should be smaller and unnoticeable. These smaller accessories should build the nautical atmosphere in your home, not poke someone’s eyes. As in Renaissance pictures, for success, you need only one dominant focal point. Pick your focal point and let it be the focal point.

If you are going to mount an antique, that’s great. Just don’t fill the room with model clipper ships, too. In fact, if you do choose a single large, bold statement decoration, keep the other accessories muted and smaller. If you pick a focal point, let it do its work!

Furniture and Textures

You need only one, unique piece of furniture such an attractive coffee table. Don’t mix and match furniture styles and textures and go for antiques or with more modern or sophisticated pieces of furniture. Just don’t combine everything together. You can vary some of the textures in your nautical space like combining a lather sofa, a wicker table, and a canvas chair. A patchwork can look like a cute accent, but it usually doesn’t blend well with the other stuff you have in your home, and it can seem a little bit untidy. A safe tip is to imitate the ocean – create an open, comfortable space that reflects strengths in style, but simplicity.