Life as a 911 Dispatcher

When we talk about the profession of a 911 Dispatcher, there are few questions that comes to mind, especially to the individuals planning to get into the profession. Today in this post, we’re gonna be talking about what sort of circumstances a police dispatcher goes through and what sort of life he has in this profession. Read the following post on talking about a day in life of a 911 Disaptcher.

A Day In The Life of A 911 Dispatcher

Dispatchers in San Francisco receive between 3,500-4,000 calls per day. Ninety percent of the calls are for Police. The other 10% are for Fire/Medical services. Approximately half of all calls are 911 calls, and the other half are non-emergency police calls. Many of the 911 calls in San Francisco are wrong numbers, misdial, or just are not emergency. It has been over a year since dispatchers have begun taking and processing…Read more here…

Their main job is to dispatch emergency messages but due to shifts, the profession of a 911 Dispatcher is said to be hectic and not meant for everyone. But the plus side is, there are good salary packages and perks in this profession. What you will need to be a 91 Dispatcher? Consider reading the following post with to know more.

Become a 911 Dispatcher: Education Requirements and Salary Info

Citizens experiencing an emergency, such as a fire or burglary, phone 911 to talk to a dispatcher. By quickly determining the situation and location, a 911 dispatcher is able to communicate the necessary information to fire fighters, police officers, or other emergency response technicians. 911 dispatchers can potentially save lives through their work. Read more here

Good packages, great perks and respect, what else you need? As a 911 Police Dispatcher, you help a lot on individuals thus feel quit satisfied while doing some social work. Check out the video on training of 911 Dispatchers.

After gaining the essential qualifications, one can become a 911 Dispatcher. Thanks for reading this post. We wish you all the best to have a prosperous future.