Improving business team performance through team building activities

A team building activity can be seen as one of the crucial tools in learning how to coordinate and manage a team. However, a single or a number of activities is not only a tool. The majority of people realize, sooner or later, that they spend more time with their colleagues and coworkers than they do with their wives, husbands, children, friends and acquaintances, and other close people in their lives. In most cases, we don’t even know that much about our colleagues, even though we spend so much time together working towards the same goals. These are the people we give directions to and take from, partner with and negotiate, as well as get along almost every day. This is exactly where team building comes into play, and where Team Building Melbourne agencies, that specialize in providing top – notch team building services, play a big role.

When we usually think about team building and team chemistry enhancing activities and ways of managing a certain team, we usually take up the role of a team manager. But that is just one side of the coin. A successful team manager needs to look through the eyes of the employees as well. Understanding the behaviors of employees is crucial in strengthening the bonds between team members.  And it is through Team Building Activities that these bonds are strengthened.

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Figuring out the methods of managing a team and devising effective team building activities begins with the team managers finding out whether they and those who are members of the team share the same ideas and see things the same way. The biggest success comes when other team members start feeling like they are contributing something to the overall success. The other important aspect of building team chemistry is the definition and the sharing of the manager’s vision. This is usually accomplished by answering a few questions, like: What is the purpose of the team building activities? What will be their outcome? Can employees input their own ideas? What things need to be addressed in order to achieve an even bigger success?

The success of team building activities hangs on answering these particular questions. Once a team based session is finished ( or a number of them) a manager needs to be able to manage all the people who have shown strong tendencies towards team work. All the inter-personal problems that might have existed before should be ironed out, and, more importantly ,every single employee should feel much better about coming to work.

From the standpoint of the employees, these activities sometimes come as a surprise. A particular employee might ask himself/herself what is exactly the point and the meaning behind these activities. Other questions include: Will they waste my time? Will they help in any way? Will they enhance my working experience? By asking these questions and sharing their visions with the team manager, employees can significantly impact the overall process of picking out the best activities and their outcomes. Choosing the most appropriate and effective team activities is the key to team building. Choosing the wrong ones will only damage it.