Find out more about getting a builders license online

Have you ever considered applying for a builders license? Do you have an idea what it exactly means? Well, it is high time to find out a little bit more about it.

Thanks to the Building Services (Registration) Act 2011, it was decided that solely the registered building practitioner or the registered building contractor can carry out a peculiar building task. The Building Commission supports the Building Services Board which represents authority regarding the registration related things. Under mentioned act, there are only two types of a Builders Licence. These two types are, as cited before, the building practitioner and the building contractor.

The practitioner and contractor registration

The practitioner registration is intended for an individual. A person using this title can be approved supervisor to a registered building contractor. Also, a registered practitioner doesn’t have to contribute with building services directly to another person.

Unlike the practitioner, a contractor registration is meant for individuals, as well as for a partnership and some companies which have the intention to trade as builders. Individuals who have this registration are allowed to provide building services which require the building license. Also, the area of work must be located on a territory under the jurisdiction of the Building Services Board.

Everything is not finished with getting the registration. Afterward, it is necessary for a registered building practitioner and registered building contractor to reinvigorate their permits every three years.

How to get the license

The first logical step in getting the Builders Licence VIC would be fulfilling the domestic builder registration form. You can find this form on the website of the Victorian Building Authority (or shorter: VBA). Before filling the form, you should have made the decision which category of registration you are going to apply for. Also, you will have to submit some document in the attachment as well. These documents are an essential element of the application. Documents you will have to send together with the application will differ, depending on the type of a permit you want to apply for. Also, if you are sending copies of your documents, make sure that they are certified as the valid copy of the original.

After the application procedure, an examination will be held. It will test various aspects of your theoretical and practical knowledge. You will have to score at least 70% or higher to pass the exam process.

Also, you might be inquired to do a face-to-face interview. On this interview you will have to show your knowledge regarding different fields of study, such as legislation, building work management and building technology.

If you prove yourself as a suitable candidate for the license, you will have to show that you are covered by insurance.

And that is everything you should do when applying for the license. When you finish with all steps mentioned above, you will only have to wait for the verdict of the Building Practitioners Board. You can find more information on the internet.