Why should I buy a customised Tax Disc Reminder?

Back in 2014, when the changes in Vehicle Tax Law occurred, a lot of people felt confused. Changed version of the law states that vehicle owners are not obligated to display their tax disc reminders. Unfortunately, these changes brought many problems for vehicle owners. Many individuals weren´t aware of these changes. One of the major changes is that the tax is not transferred with the vehicle, which caused many drivers to drive an untaxed vehicle. Many of these vehicles were clamped, and individuals fined up to 1000 pounds.

It´s obvious that there are pros and cons of this change, but keep in mind that you can easily overcome cons if you purchase Tax Disc Reminder. You will get not only a tax disc reminder customised with your vehicle´s info, but you will also get many different designs to choose from. In case you have a business, you can have your company´s logo on each tax disc for every vehicle.

People, in general, like the idea of tax disc reminder since they can be put in the same place as the old tax discs. It´s handy because you´ll always have a reminder of when you need to renew your taxes and avoid paying fines. In the following lines, we shall discuss some of the most important issues about the matter.

How did the changes affect the payment system?

Major change is that you´re able to pay by direct debit. As long as you make a small saving your road tax won´t expire as long as your MOT is valid. But, once you sell your vehicle, you´ll have to let DVLA or your bank know, otherwise, you´ll have to pay more.

What about the downsides of this system?

Well, first of all, you won´t be able to transfer road tax with the vehicle, which means that the buyer won´t benefit in case there are unused moths left. They´ll have to immediately renew the tax. Of course, you as a seller have the right to claim a refund for all calendar months left.

The situation has caused a dramatic increase of untaxed vehicles, which lead to many prosecutions. The problem is that the increase was caused by system shake-up, and not because vehicle owners refused or tried to avoid tax paying.

So what is there to be done when you buy or sell a car?

Since road tax isn´t valid after you sell or buy a car, it´s obvious that you need to renew the tax after buying it, or the person to whom you sold the car. You can use your 11-digit reference number inscribed in your logbook or 12-digit number from the new keeper supplement slip. You also need to do this if you´re buying a car from your family member.

What about grace period?

Unfortunately, there isn´t one, which means that you can´t even drive to your post office to purchase road tax. It´s simple, the buyer is responsible for obtaining new vehicle tax immediately after buying.

Didn’t you receive your tax disc reminder?

Of course, this kind of nuisance can happen to anyone, but there is nothing to worry about. You don´t have to go around and shout ˝I have not received my tax disc reminder.˝ You can simply go to Tax Disc Reminder Mate website and report it, and in a short amount of time, your issue will be solved.