Importance of Blogging for Lawyers – Top 3 Tips

Creating a blog has become very important for lawyers nowadays, and you are probably wondering why. The legal professional can often give you a very uptight, formal image. By creating a blog, clients, employees and even future employers will be able to see lawyers without a suit. Your blog shouldn’t be some kind of a personal diary. It should contain legal related posts but with a certain informal flair that will actually entertain your clients while providing them quality, useful information. By creating a quality blog, you can cement your place a legal expert, improve your online presence and drive new clients to your law firm. Follow our tips to create an excellent legal blog the right way.

How to Get Things Started

As a lawyer you probably know there a lot of legal blogs on the internet today. In fact, there are over 150 million blogs on the web and about 10, 000 blogs are created every day. So it won’t be easy for you to stand out from the crowd, but it also doesn’t have to be that hard. Today’s web tools will make creating a blog very easy for you. There is no need of advanced we design skills or even a lot of money to start a blog. If you are willing to invest money in building your online presence, you should hire an SEO expert who can significantly help you with that.

Picking a Niche Topic

If you want to build a loyal readership, you must choose a topic balances between what the audience likes and your expertise. Personal injury attorneys are advised to make their blogs unique because there are many personal injury blogs out there already. It is wise to focus your blog on geographical region, for example, if you are from Australia, you should concentrate only on Lawyers Melbourne. It is better to attract a decent audience from your service area than to make a common, more globally-oriented blog that won’t be that unique, therefore unappealing to a larger number of internet users.

It is also advised to focus on your practice area, for example, intellectual property as well as to narrow your niche subject. Lawyers for Family matters should write about parental rights and responsibilities agreements, duties of a child’s guardian, child abuse, alimony issues and so on. It is desirable to write about something that hasn’t been discussed many times in public like whether the unmarried father of the child born out of marriage is eligible for full parental rights and similar. Try to find out what are people interested regarding law and legalities and write about whatever you think people’s legal concerns and misunderstandings are.

Post Only Quality Content and Do this Regularly

Everything besides quality and useful content will turn the public away. On the other hand, professional, well-written posts will represent you as an expert that you are, and increase the number of your current readers. If the readers like what they read and if they are inspired or intrigued they will return to your blog every day and post your posts on social media and elsewhere. Fresh content will draw more readers so make sure you post something every day. If you are busy, try to post three times a week.

Personal Injury Lawyers are advised to engage readers with discussions and comments. Personal injury law usually raises many questions and a misunderstanding of the facts of the law. Through discussions, you will start a dialogue and encourage them to comment and share their concerns with you.

Include Your Bio in the “About” section

This is an important thing that usually gets overlooked. You must include your bio in the blog to highlight your skills and let people know you are promoting your law practice or business. Add links to your law firm, publications and similar