About Us

Hi, my name is BEAT and I am here to educaate you all about blogging, but also about how to do it effectively so you are not just writing a blog for yourself.

It’s a great opportunity right now to start building a business online effectively through various blogging and SEO tactics and strategies.

Apart from classic paid advertising, content marketing is always evolving and moving forward. But it’s one of the great ways to slowly build your online presence and perhaps become an online entrepreneur one day.

We’ll try to share the best ways to generate targeted organic traffic to your website, video, or social media channel, using the most up to date SEO strategies.

My Story

6 or 7 years ago, can’t remeber exactly, I knew that I was not moving the direction I wanted, plus the recession came, lost the job (again), and no money saved.

One day I came across this online Ad saying “How to Make Money Online Blogging” and that was a wake up moment for me and I never lost that vision. Being able to live anywhere and make money on the internet through blogging is a dream.

And at that time I decided to learn and do wahtever it takes to achieve that dream.

A lot of struggle and complications, mistakes and failures, but it all pays off. Everything I know is what I learned through the trial and error and lot of testing and experimenting as well.

The old school blogging is not really in fasion anymore because it’s been replaiced pretty much by video/Youtube.

But content still matters to feed the search engines to get the great response in terms of SEO.