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Screencast: Advanced Twitter tips & tricks –

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Today’s screencast focuses on advanced uses of This screencast is an excellent way to show your colleagues the power of Twitter and why they should be on it. Simply put, Twitter allows reporters to do their jobs easier and better.

These advanced search techniques are what allow Twitter to truly shine as a reporting tool. The ability to search by location, date, author name, etc is huge

If you’re new to Twitter, I recommend checking out our first screencast on Twitter, “How to use Twitter for reporting.” We have a Twitter 101 screencast coming soon.

Our previous screencasts can be found here.

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New content is occasionally produced here by the this project's former editor Patrick Thornton. The site is still up and will remain so because many journalists and professors still use and link to the content. offers a fascinating glimpse into the former stages of journalism and social media. Today it's expected that journalists and journalism organization use social media, but just a few years ago that wasn't the case.

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