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Daily Dose of social media

I’m starting a new daily link journalism effort focused on social media, because social media is a big part of what beatblogging is all about. We also believe social media should be a big part of news organization focus on moving forward.

Please leave us feedback and let me know what kinds of link journalism and information you’re interested in.  Without further ado, here is our first Daily Dose of social media.

Twitter as a brand builder: Three examples — Webware has three examples of established media companies using Twitter to further build their brands. This is another way Twitter can be extremely useful. The Chicago Tribune’s @ColonelTribune is a bit of a brand builder himself. I’m a big fan of how Starbucks uses Twitter to be more personal and answer people’s questions:

@Starbucks’ Twitter strategy is worth looking at. Starbucks doesn’t inundate Twitter followers with advertisements. Instead, its Twitter account gives consumers the opportunity to access the company in a way they never have.

10 Ways Newspapers are Using Social Media to Save the Industry — Not all of the ways listed here are worth mimicking — point No. 1 in particular — but it is good to see newspapers thinking of ways to utilize social media.

Social media gives any business an interactive channel to communicate with its current and future customers. For newspapers, that channel can increase the chances of survival in a market where commoditized information has diminished the value of individual brands. Here are ten ways newspapers are using social media to save the industry.

Social Media for Business: The Dos & Don’ts of Sharing — This one is from last month, but it’s another excellent piece from Sarah Evans on how to use social media for business.  Her recommendation to be authentic and human is spot on. That’s what people want on social media. See the first link today and watch as big companies like Starbucks use Twitter to become more authentic and personal with people. Her advice about profiles is spot on too:

A major part of your social media personality is your avatar and your profile bio. The first rule for avatars and bios is to stay consistent across social platforms. If you’re sharing information from your business account, decide whether you want your avatar to be your company logo or the face of the president. Each sends a completely different message and requires a different messaging and branding approach.

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New content is occasionally produced here by the this project's former editor Patrick Thornton. The site is still up and will remain so because many journalists and professors still use and link to the content. offers a fascinating glimpse into the former stages of journalism and social media. Today it's expected that journalists and journalism organization use social media, but just a few years ago that wasn't the case.

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